Rpi or maybe another board

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Rpi or maybe another board

Post by sphere » Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:39 pm

Raspberry is fun but, they will not make new boards at least until 2019 so far known.
There is also Odroid, almost same price but more powerfull and Android supported.
Then there are a few more like Pine64.
BUt probably this will have more choice then what i've seen before and very cheap to buy, Linuz and Android supported, GPIO fully compatible with Rpi (like the other boards)
Take a look at www.orangepi.org take a look on those Chinese webstore like banggood, Pi PC 2 H5 Quad-core 26 euros.
Well for some thing you need to wait a while before you have it, but for other things they have an UK storage, so then it is a few days for EU.
So for cheap trying.
If Livecode runs on Rpi, then it can run there too probably.

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