Browser Widget with MP4 and WebM Videos

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Browser Widget with MP4 and WebM Videos

Post by jamessmith260996 » Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:34 pm

Mac OS Sierra does not like a LC app I wrote that uses revBrowserCEF (Chrome 39) to play WebM videos. Videos are very slow to load on older Macs (15-30 seconds, compared to under 1 second before) and slowish on newer Macs. Still works great on Windows and any Mac with MacOS before Sierra. Not sure what happened to Sierra, as Chrome 39 is unchanged. There was a Chrome crashing issue fixed with Sierra 10.12.2, to further point the finger at Sierra.

We have a widely distributed cross-platform LC app in the field that no longer works or works well enough on Mac’s running Sierra, so need a fix ASAP.

The new Browser Widget uses Chrome 47 for Windows (still a very old version) and uses Safari for Mac. Therefore, two video formats are necessary to play videos with an LC app, WebM for Windows and MP4 for Mac. But we don't have room for both video formats, as we have a lot of videos.

Is there a way to switch out Chrome 47 in LC for, say, Chrome 48 or newer? Chrome 47 appears to be just 1 version shy of supporting MP4 video playback on Windows. That would solve everything for LC cross-platform video playback. Only WebM videos would be needed.

Or, is there a way to make the Browser Widget use the Windows resources, like WMP or Edge, same as the Mac side does? Windows has supported MP4 videos since 2009 and the Chrome 48 will not play them. Only MP4 videos would be needed.

Or, is there a way to make Browser Widget use Chrome 48 instead of Safari? The newer version might play videos better than Chrome 39 on Sierra and the Widget sure beats the clunky revBrowserCEF implementation. Only WebM videos would be needed.

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