[Q] Testing libraries

LiveCode Builder is a language for extending LiveCode's capabilities, creating new object types as Widgets, and libraries that access lower-level APIs in OSes, applications, and DLLs.

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[Q] Testing libraries

Post by shaosean » Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:50 pm

I'm noticing something weird when testing LiveCode Builder libraries and just curious if it is normal, a user issue or a bug..

When I have the test stack open, there is a widget created on the stack, that is the same name as my 'metadata title'.. Also, when I open the dictionary (and I think any other stack) I get the following lines outputted to the log field in the Extension Builder stack:
6:47 AM: "Failed: <foreign: 0x608001226560>"
"Failed: <foreign: 0x608001233dc0>"

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