Getting error on example internet chat program

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Lagi Pittas
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Getting error on example internet chat program

Post by Lagi Pittas » Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:50 pm


I was about to use sockets for an application and decided to at least try the demo stack that you can downloadby clicking on the resources button and then clicking sample projects / internet chat

This btw is in version 6.7.11.

The program works except when you disconnect the chat client from the chat server it calls the SocketClosed command.

within there this line

Code: Select all

delete lChatterArray[s]
gives an error

I printed out s and that has for example "" which is the one and only key in the lChatterArray

At first I was stumped but knew I'd used the facility before then I remembered (it stumped me the first time) that you have to put the word local (or global) in front of the array variable

Code: Select all

delete local lChatterArray[s]
to make it work says that line was added and never tested - but how come it's got through the net for so long?

Regards Lagi

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