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Post by makeshyft » Mon Dec 07, 2015 3:15 am

Hey folks,

If you have done any sort of programming with livecode, you have inevitably said to yourself "I LOVE Livecode!!!" ..... at least I have many many times.

Thats why I registered the domain

I started building a portal for all things livecode, but realized that i could not devote time to it. To add content and etc. I have other things on my plate as some of you know. So I've sat on it for a whole year.

My vision for it is to be a clean and well organized resource to learn livecode and to become an open space for livecode developers and educators to exhibit and SHARE their livecode tips, techniques and problems.

I would like to give the domain name to the community and turn the site into a community project. It is hosted on GoDaddy....and I would share administrative duties and credentials with people who would like to contribute to building the site.

Its still early in the life of the new Livecode.... opportunities are try out new things ....and demonstrate what livecode technology can do.

What you all think?
Tom @
Changing the Future, Today!

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