Data Grid Helper - An intuitive interface for datagrids

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Zryip TheSlug
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Data Grid Helper - An intuitive interface for datagrids

Post by Zryip TheSlug » Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:23 am

Dear LiveCode users,

I am pleased to announce the availability of the final version of our plugin for the LiveCode's datagrid object: the Data Grid Helper plugin.

After several month of development, debugging and improvements, the final release of Data Grid Helper (DGH) is finally here.

What is DGH?

DGH is a plugin for LiveCode. This plugin is a special and - we hope - intuitive interface for building LiveCode's Data Grids.

DGH has:

1) its own interface for managing properties of a datagrid

With the standard LiveCode interface you have to manage the properties of a datagrid for a part in the inspector palette and for another part by code.
In DGH all the properties have an interface.

Some examples of properties that you have to manage habitually by code with datagrids but fully integrated in DGH:
- text margins for header and rows
- text color for header
- gradient colors for header background and header background hilite
- color for header separators
- default header behavior and default column behavior. Here DGH allows you to define default behavior by pointing an empty button or a button with a behavior and clicking on it. If the script of the button is empty, DGH will fill it with the required code from the datagrid library. This feature is named "Behavior picker".
- etc

2) its own interface for managing columns of a datagrid

DGH allows the creation or the deletion of columns in a datagrid with a visual interface. When you are defining columns in DGH you are really working on a datagrid:

- you can select a column by clicking on it (invisible columns included)
- you can reorder columns by drag & drop
- and you have an interface for managing properties that you have habitually to manage by code like, define a column to be editable or not, add a tooltip to a column.
- etc

3) Its own interface for managing templates in a datagrid

In a datagrid, a template is the way to add custom objects in a column or a datagrid form, like popup menus, radio buttons, etc.
In the standard datagrid to define a column template, you have to edit two groups. Not in DGH.
In DGH, you select a column by clicking on its header and you open its template directly in DGH in a special area named "TMPL area". You have two ways to open the TMPL area:
- by double clicking on the header column
- with an expand button

Once the template updated, you click on the update button in the "TMPL area" to save it and you can switch to another template by clicking on the next column. No need to juggle between groups.

4) Can create scripts for column or form behaviors

If you have defined a template for a column, DGH can build for you the required script to manage it.

For example, if you have a template with a popup menu, DGH knows what code is required to manage it, in
- the fillindata handler
- the menupick handler

The name of this feature in DGH is "Script builder". Script builder is actually capable to build on the fly the required structure of handlers needed to manage a template. It possess its own dictionary and is fully capable to build a coherent code by detecting all the controls in the template.

For text, script builder manages the truncatetail feature of the datagrid library.

5) Can install code in a datagrid group

DGH can install scripts for specific needs. The first script available allows to reorder lines in a datagrid. Other scripts will come with things like reorder columns (already existing in the column builder of DGH) or sorting.

Where I can find a documentation?

A quick start guide is available here: ... &Itemid=63

A documentation is also available in the plugin itself.

Have you a trial version?

Yes we have a trial version. You can download it here: ... &Itemid=63

You can use the trial version for free during 30 days. However, in the trial version some features are disabled and the number of columns you can add with DGH is limited to 4. All those limitations are removed when you purchase and register DGH.

Have you some screen pictures of the plugin?

The plugin window


The properties palette (datagrid table)


The column builder


What is the deal if I purchase DGH?

DGH contains a lot of features. However the final release not signify the end of this project. We have a lot of others features or ready to use scripts to add in DGH.

All those improvements will come in future and regular updates. By purchasing DGH you will help the author to improve DGH and you will receive all the future updates of DGH.

Plus we have other projects in head. So by purchasing DGH you will also help the author to bring to life new tools with the same quality than DGH.

The full article concerning DGH in the Slug's website is here: ... &Itemid=64

Best regards,
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Data Grid Helper - An intuitive interface for building LiveCode's Data Grids
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Re: Data Grid Helper - An intuitive interface for datagrids

Post by gagsoft » Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:34 pm

Just purchased the DGH Upgrade to 2.5
Do not see the download button or link to download.
Downloaded the trial version hoping to upgrade from there and was told that I can only upgrade from the full version. :?

Any ideas?

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