In app renewable subscription: search for paid help

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In app renewable subscription: search for paid help

Post by trevix » Sun Jan 16, 2022 12:25 pm

We are trying to implement in our already published App, an in App renewable subscription, for Android and iOS.
The idea is to keep th App free and ask for subscription for some of its services and options.
While we should not have problem with Android (to be seen), iOS is a different beast.

I am looking for a LC developer, that has already done that and can guide me in implementing the all process.

Status: at this time I have already played with the 2 stacks from the LC lesson, and tested successfully consumable and non consumable purchase.
No testing has been done with the renewable subscription, since it is not clear to me the all process. I am not even sure if it is faseable on LC (see bug 19507 which is dated 2018:

We are willing to pay for the help. How and how much must be discussed.

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Re: In app renewable subscription: search for paid help

Post by OneSki » Mon Jan 17, 2022 12:37 am


I can help you with this. Let's talk off line.
Ralph DiMola |
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