Kevin's Tatty Sofa

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Kevin's Tatty Sofa

Post by richmond62 » Mon May 25, 2020 11:51 am

Frankly I have never really liked or felt attracted to any of Livecode's efforts at getting money out of me,
well, except I did stump up a bit for the Fund raiser a while back.

Now, counter-intuitive as it may seem: Kevin's video sitting in his "Tricky-Dicky" stubble on his tatty, comfy sofa just
did something for me (call me kinky if you will) . . . and I stumped up £100 for the Lockdown Indy offer . . . which, to be
honest I shall probably never use . . . but:

1. I'm locked up/down/sideways, but lucky enough to have about 75% of my previous income.

2. If Kevin is faking things he's doing it very effectively . . . so £100.

3. Don't worry Kevin; that's the sort of sofa I love: all doggy, catty, stale tobacco smells that make me feel at home. As a "Thank you" for
my £100 promise me you'll keep the sofa.

4. Come on, all you people who are almost as mean as I am, and stump up some money for "The Sofa Fund." 8)

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