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Post by anmldr » Tue May 19, 2020 1:52 am

I am vision impaired. I copied the password from the email that I was sent after I purchased LCU. I tried to paste it into the field to open LCU, and it does not allow me to paste into the field.

This makes it difficult because, I don't have a choice of viewing what I type into the field either, there are only the bullets. I type 4 numbers and a dash, then go back to the email, type 4 more characters and a dash and back again to the email, etc.

I was able to change my user name and password so I am OK now.

I suggest that a minor change be made in the app to accommodate others like me...The easiest way would be to allow for copy/paste into the field.

I have seen several problems and typos in the app so far. I will write another post as I collect them.


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