Livecode engine version numbers v/s build numbers

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Livecode engine version numbers v/s build numbers

Post by brucecy92 » Mon May 18, 2020 1:47 am

Hi all: I am returning to LC dev after a long hiatus, so excuse me if this information has been posted in the interim an obvious place:
I am not sure which version of the LC engine I am using. When I look at About, I get something like LiveCode 8 .1 .1 | Build 14008, whereas the downloads link uses numbers like LiveCode 8 .1 .1 Indy edition STABLE, etc. How can I make absolutely sure that I am using a stable build and not some release candidate RC or DP build? Is here a master cross-referenced list of commit and build numbers somewhere? Thanks for the info...

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Re: Livecode engine version numbers v/s build numbers

Post by FourthWorld » Mon May 18, 2020 4:35 am

In the IDE, see Help -> About LiveCode.

If you need to check the engine itself (from which the displayed string the in IDE is derived), see the version function, e.g.:

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put the version
Any non-Stable build will include the appropriate pre-release specifier in the string returned from that function (e.g. "9.6.0-rc-1").

You could also query the engine's buildNumber property and compared that to a list of versions derived from the Release Notes for the builds in this listing, but that's a lot more work and would ultimately only get you what the version function provides for you right out of the box.
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Re: Livecode engine version numbers v/s build numbers

Post by bogs » Mon May 18, 2020 10:00 am

As well as the sources Richard mentions, you can look directly at the page he linked to and they are explicitly laid out.
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Also, if you leave the updater running, you can set it to only update to stable releases in the preferences.

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