Notarizing Apps for macOS Catalina

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Notarizing Apps for macOS Catalina

Post by jmk_phd » Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:15 am

I've read that under the new macOS Catalina, Apple has given a short reprieve -- until January 2020 -- for applications distributed *outside* the Apple Store to run without current notarization.

Inasmuch as LC is an interpreted language, I assume that most of our code is just text, so that it's up to LC to manage the new security restrictions imposed by macOS Catalina.

Still, I'm worried that at least some of our apps will fail to run under that newest macOS.

I've read the cryptic tutorials that employ the terminal to sign and notarize our standalones. And my latest check of the "AppWrapper" website makes no mention of Apple's most recent changes. All much way harder than it really should be.

I'm reluctant to believe that this all is a power-grab by Apple to force developers into the Apple Store -- so it can take its cut -- but it does at least leave small-time developers such as myself wondering.

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Re: Notarizing Apps for macOS Catalina

Post by jacque » Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:57 pm

You need Matthias Rebbe's brilliant tool "Notarization Helper". It does everything you need with a couple of clicks. The stack is included as part of the LC lesson here: ... c-appstore
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