intermittent native field widget visiblity

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intermittent native field widget visiblity

Post by slowmaker » Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:29 pm

I'm curious if anyone else has seen this behavior:
simple stack with android native field widget on it
push to android device
native field is not visible at first, then becomes visible after successive pushes to the android device, but even then sometimes only after another app (any) has been run (!)

By 'push' I mean using the 'Test' menu item in the IDE, with actual android device attached via USB as the selected test target.

The sequence is highly repeatable; I only call it intermittent because it does sometimes take more than one loop to make it visible. Making it go *IN*visible does seem to require closing all apps on the device, running some other app, closing the other app, then pushing to android via Test again.

Full sequence that reproduces it for me:
  • connect my android device via usb - samsung galaxy j3
    open stack in clean IDE (no other projects open, LC v9.5 dp1)
    select Development > Test
    stack builds, launches in Android Device
    native field is not visible; just featureless gray on screen
    close app on android device
    try above again; sometimes it will come up with the native field visible in a few tries, sometimes have to carry on as below:
    • close ap on android device
      open another app
      NOW select Development > Test
      odds much higher the field will show
The intermittent nature of this means that the last little test branch above may be useless; it may be that it just takes those few extra iterations in those cases...

So, anybody else seen this? If not, can anybody reproduce on their device/emulator?

Stack is attached, assuming the board will allow me to do so...
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edit: made title a little more specific

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Re: intermittent native field widget visiblity

Post by sphere » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:54 pm

Yes, i've seen this.
And i added it to my Datagrid bug report. Which has also strange visual artifacts.
It is with LC950DP1, but not with LC905Rc1

check this

But you could also create a separate bug report for it.
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Re: intermittent native field widget visiblity

Post by slowmaker » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:37 pm

Glad it wasn't just me; I was starting to wonder if I had some really specific screw-up on my part going on...

In the process of digging into the widget code and trying to spot the issue, I found yet another bug, a wrong-type error on the scrollingEnabled getter.

I'll file a bug report on it later today when I have time, along with a separate report on the peek-a-boo aspect.

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