Application Loader - "No suitable application records were found"

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Application Loader - "No suitable application records were found"

Post by KimD » Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:32 am

Post Subtitle - "Why does Apple hate me?"

I'm trying to load my app to App Store Connect following these two lessons:
- ... es-connect
- ... -app-store

On both lessons, I'm stuck on the Application Loader step. When I push "Deliver Your App", I get the following error - No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier XYZ is correct.

My setup is: > Profiles > Generate a provisioning profile
* Name = "myIOSDistributionProfile"
* App ID = "desc1 desc2 desc3 (". Where 123456789 = the Team ID assigned by apple to my developer account. > Identifiers > Edit your App ID Configuration
* App ID Prefix = "123456789 (Team ID)"
* Description = "desc1 desc2 desc3".
* Bundle ID = "com.myorg.myapp (explicit)".

App Store Connect > Myapp > App Information
* Bundle ID = "desc1 desc2 desc3 - com.myorg.myapp".
* Your Bundle ID = "com.myorg.myapp"

LC > IOS Standalone Setting
* Internal App ID = "com.myorg.myapp"
* Profile = "myIOSDistributionProfile"

Application Loader error message > Bundle ID = "com.myorg.myapp.desc1-desc2-desc3".

So, lots of slight discrepancies in there, including:
- sometimes the App ID / Bundle ID includes the Team ID, sometimes it doesn't
- sometimes the App ID / Bundle ID includes blank spaces, sometimes it includes dashes
- sometimes the App ID / Bundle ID has the description before com.myorg.myapp, sometimes it is after
- "(explicit)". I've got no idea where that came from.

Have I made a mistake with my profile / identifier set up, or does Apple just represent the same info in slightly different ways in different places?

I also note that both lessons state "Waiting for Upload has to be set in iTunes Connect before you can upload an application". Within iTunes connect I'm stuck at "Prepare for submission", I can't get to "Waiting for Upload" I have got access to a "submit for review" button, but if I press this then Apple tells me that I haven't uploaded a build; which I haven't, because I can't.

Is it still necessary to get to Waiting for Upload status on iTunes connect, or has Apple changed how the upload process works?

Any advice on how to move out of the swamp that is the "submit to IOS App Store" experience would be much appreciated ;-)


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