Datagrid Custome behavior issue

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Datagrid Custome behavior issue

Post by DavJans » Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:29 pm

I have edited a datagrid to put a strike through on some lines, and this works great on every windows based computer except 1, on 1 of the computers after you select 1 line and then another line, the first line becomes invisible. Its still there and you can still click on it. and when you hilite it you can read it again. any idea whats going on? here is my script in the datagrid.

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--> all handlers

on FillInData pData
   -- This message is sent when the Data Grid needs to populate
   -- this template with the column data. pData is the value to be displayed.
   set the text of me to pData
end FillInData

on LayoutControl pControlRect
    -- A default column is just a field. 
end LayoutControl

setprop dgHilite pBoolean
   -- This custom property is set when the highlight of your column template has
   -- changed. You only add script here if you want to customize the highlight.
   if pBoolean then
      set the foregroundcolor of me to the dgProp["hilited text color"] of the dgControl of me
   end if
end dgHilite

private command SetStrikeOut
   if GetDataOfIndex(the dgIndex of me, "line has error") then
      set the textStyle of me to strikeout
      set the textStyle of me to plain
   end if
end SetStrikeOut

getprop dgDataControl
    -- Required by library so that it can locate the control.
    return the long id of me
end dgDataControl

-- Data grid will call this if a user action asks to edit cell content.
command EditValue
    -- word 1 to -2 because of 0001 that is added to control name
    EditFieldText the long id of me, the dgIndex of me, word 1 to -2 of the short name of me
end EditValue

on mouseDoubleUp pMouseBtnNum
    if pMouseBtnNum is 1 then
        if the dgProps["allow editing"] of the dgControl of me \
                and the dgColumnIsEditable[the dgColumn of me] of the dgControl of me then
            -- Edit field contents if the user double-clicks
            EditCellOfIndex the dgColumn of me, the dgIndex of me
            exit mouseDoubleUp
        end if
    end if
    pass mouseDoubleUp
end mouseDoubleUp
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