mergExt Special + BLE, Google spreadsheets, Map directions

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mergExt Special + BLE, Google spreadsheets, Map directions

Post by monte » Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:31 am

Hi LiveCoders

Today I am releasing a huge update to mergExt Complete and announcing a special price available for the rest of the month.

mergBLE 1.0 - CoreBluetooth external for iOS and OS X. Use BLE between Mac and iOS or between iOS devices or between some of the great sensors available and your app. For the arduino hackers out there you will love pairing this external with the ReadBearLab BLE shield. Control anything from your Mac or iOS device!!! (Also sold separately for $49).

mergGoogle 1.0 - This external for iOS and OS X currently implements google spreadsheets. (Also sold separately for $49).

mergMK 3.0 - This update to mergMK supports querying directions between locations.

iOS 9 support - all the mergExt externals have now been updated for iOS 9 support.

The mergExt Complete bundle now weighs in at a hefty $1038 worth of individual products for only $299. Yes that’s right folks. We’ve cracked the ton!

Special Price: 3 years of access to mergExt Complete for $499. That’s a huge $398 saving folks. Use this link to access the special deal The first 5 people taking advantage of the special price will also get an additional 6 months at no extra charge. Get it while it’s hot!!!


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