Using FileMaker as Database for LiveCode

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Using FileMaker as Database for LiveCode

Post by javmirval » Wed Sep 23, 2015 4:27 am

Hi friends, I have been able to establish a connection to a local FileMaker database, it all worked fine, I was able to retrieve data a put it in a data grid. Now I have been trying to replicate the navigation functionality found in FileMaker Pro, namely the ability of moving from a record to the next, previous, etc.
Please see the attached image, the left window is the FileMaker DB, the one at the right is LiveCode. As you see the fields and buttons are in place and also the fields showing the total records and current record number.

put revQueryDatabase( theConnectionID, "SELECT * FROM Almacen") into theCursor
The values of the last record in table Almacen populates the card fields, I'm Ok with that.

BUT nothing happens when trying to go to the previous record using:
revMoveToPreviousRecord theCursor
command that I use in a button script (theCursor was declared as Global for now), along with the revDatabaseColumnNamed(theCursor, xxx) commands to populate the card fields. Also I see no change trying revMoveToNextRecord, and revMoveToFirstRecord

Any ideas?



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