Suddenly my app not workin on win 7

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pati tamas
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Suddenly my app not workin on win 7

Post by pati tamas » Sat Apr 25, 2015 8:23 pm

Hi everyone!
i've got many help from you guys, and i'm again need some..
I've created an app with two stacks, one of them is like a splash stack /followed the tutorial to save custom properties/, the other connect to mysql database and fill datagrid.
On datagrid event i let the user select a row , and i get the id of the row /data/ and let the user delete the selected item, then refresh the datagrid...
It all worked fine until now! User is not able to select the row anymore...
Is anyone has an idea why?

Thanks in advance

Jus to mention: the deployed app opens the other stack livecode file from the same folder...

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