Use AdobeReader plugin shortcuts in LC Browser

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Use AdobeReader plugin shortcuts in LC Browser

Post by [-hh] » Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:14 am

When you're going to display a PDF by LC's browser then you could think about the following:
In the card that is used to display the browser block commandkey in card's script:

Code: Select all

on commandKeyDown ck
  -- # later on make more selective:
  -- if ck is not among the items of "...."
  -- then pass commandKeyDown
end commandKeyDown

On Mac use revBrowserOpen for display of local PDF because revBrowserOpenCEF is currently not able to load the newest adobe reader plugin.
Why? You can then use the following shortcuts for the plugin (some of you haven't detected until now?) and prevent LC from catching them; some of these cmdkey-combinations are also used (new!) in the main menu of LC 7 IDE.

On MacOS X these work when the Adobe AcrobatReader-plugin is active (sometimes you have to click in the browser view first). Some are different from Adobe's help, just try. For Win 7/8 see ... index.html (other languages/keyboard settings available).

Code: Select all

ESC       =Return to hand or select tool
shift-F8  =Show toolbar
shift-F10 =Tools Menu

space       =PDF page down
shift-space =PDF page up
scrollWheel =Up/Down
cmd-shift-H =Toggle auto-scroll to up/down <---------

cmd-Plus        =Zoom in (UK cmd-=)
cmd-Minus       =Zoom out
opt-scrollWheel =Zoom in/out     <---------<---------

cmd-shift-Plus  =Rotate 90 degrees clockwise
cmd-shift-Minus =Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise

cmd-0 =Fit (adjust to the LARGER of width and height)
cmd-1 =Actual size (100% Magnification)
cmd-2 =Fill (adjust to the SMALLER of width and height)
cmd-E =Edit properties
cmd-Y =Magnification-dialog
cmd-P =Reader print-dialog        <---------<---------
cmd-A =select all Text
cmd-D =Document settings
cmd-F =Find in pdf, ESC to close (for  "easy" docs only)
cmd-K =Reader prefs (set all defaults)      <---------
cmd-L =Toggle to full browser frame         <---------

cmd-shift-F =Advanced Acrobat search
cmd-shift-S =Save pdf as (Adobe dialog ...) <---------
shiftLock happens

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