swipe calendar problems

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swipe calendar problems

Post by sims » Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:19 pm

Am working on the Calendar object that is a few messages below in iOS.

I want it to swipe up or down to go next month or previous month.
If it is just a swipe to change months then i do not want it to activate any "day" btn that might get in the way.
On the other hand, if the distance is under 25 pixels i want it to do a mouseDown & mouseUp on any btn and no swipe.

Cannot use the sides when installed on a real device as there are none on smaller devices plus it is very awkward to attempt.

So far I've been able to swipe up & down in the Simulator but that failed in a real device. Most failures seem to be when swiping up for some reason.

I was thinking that the Group of days got in the way.
So, I tried putting code in a grc that would accept action and then show & hide it but that quickly resulted in failures that required escaping when in the IDE.

Might be hard to follow my description - anyone have advice?
The calendar is available below for experiments.

As a side note - i have changed some code here (not uploaded yet) that gave wrong dates or no dates due to Region considerations. Will add that once i get further along.


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