LiveCode on every Raspberry Pi

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LiveCode on every Raspberry Pi

Post by pink » Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:22 pm

At RunRevLive, a very enthusiastic Fraser presented us, the community, with his goal of getting LiveCode included as a standard on the platform.

I have a ideas, but unfortunately I have more ideas than skills. But here are a few things that I have been thinking about that I think can elevate LiveCode in the RaspberryPi community:

1. LiveCodeOS: Starting with a fresh Raspbian install, we slowly rewrite and replace existing stock apps. We try to make our own distro with LiveCode and LiveCode stacks. Distro junkies will most likely try it and help spread the word.

2. LCMC (LiveCode Media Center): One of the prime uses for the Pi has been as a media box. One thing that has always irked me is that there is no "light" media center, and I think that it can be built in LiveCode.

3. An APT repository for LiveCode. I know a lot of Linux nerds who would be turned off by the fact that LiveCode cannot be installed or updated using APT.

4. GPIO access. Getting this would give LiveCode a real fighting chance as a standard programming system.

Right now most of these ideas are Pi in the sky, but I'd like to get the dialog started about how we make this a reality. :D
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