Websites built with (or powered by) Livecode Server

Are you using LiveCode to create server scripts or CGIs?

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Websites built with (or powered by) Livecode Server

Post by andyh1234 » Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:12 pm

Is there anywhere at the moment that contains a list of sites currently built with or powered by Livecode Server?

Ive been working on and off on a website which has the server side exclusively powered by Livecode (

I set out just to see what was possible without using any PHP and whilst the front end has the usual javascript and ajax etc to work with browsers, everything on the server is exclusively Livecode and SQL and all the content is generated (including the home page) by Livecode scripts, even the cache system is Livecode based.

There is still plenty to do (I'm no graphic artist!!!) but I'm quite proud of my work so far and it would be nice to be able to place a small badge in the footer to say 'powered by Livecode Server' and have it included on a site with a list of other 'powered by Livecode' websites.

Maybe one exists already, but if it doesn't and the Livecode team read this, perhaps it would be a good idea???

As a whole I have to say its been a pleasure to work with, I've written a few mobile apps, and a couple of desktop ones with the main engine so had a head start with the syntax, but it has been fairly painless and brilliant to be able to use code from an app and with a few changes have it work on website (and vic-verca!)

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Re: Websites built with (or powered by) Livecode Server

Post by Stryder » Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:59 pm

Our corporate website is completely powered by LiveCode. Well, actually, Revolution, the predecessor to LiveCode.

I have shell scripts running that do everything from server backups, to cron jobs doing administrative functions. And the entire CGI set on the website runs Revolution.

You can check out our site here:

I have programmed an online store with credit card payment processing, and an auction website (similar to eBay).


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