New Livecode App -- Gurudeva-- Up and Running

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New Livecode App -- Gurudeva-- Up and Running

Post by Brahmanathaswami » Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:47 am

Jai Ganesha! Wow! we did it!

Our app got approved at the app store and is now available for iOS and Android.

Thanks to LiveCode!

After years of coding tools for in house production service and then web
server side scripting... I finally got to do some fun work and build the
prototype for an app that is a simple thing for the annual memorial of
our founder... We used to do an ink-on-paper thing but this year we
decided to do an app.

I want to thank Jacque Landmand Gay for her work on this which was
amazing, taking my app and turning it into something that actually works
on Android (I built for iPhone 6 Plus)

I also want to thank the Livecode team in Edinborough for their
incredibly fast responses to all our bug reports... It seemed like every
time we logged a bug, they had it fixed in less than 8 hours!

Submitting to Google Play was "child's play" -- the iOS version finally got approved after nearly waiting 2 weeks but it was approved without any questions!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us through the years! An
awesome community!

Swasti Astu, Be Well!

Kauai's Hindu Monastery

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