Sparkle macOS App Updater extension for LC 9 [First Pass]

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Sparkle macOS App Updater extension for LC 9 [First Pass]

Post by trevordevore » Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:07 am

Hi all,

I've been doing quite a bit of work with the Foreign Function Interface (FFI) in LiveCode Builder (LCB) lately. As I make the shift to a 64-bit app on macOS I want to convert most of the custom externals I use to LCB. I think they will be easier to improve going forward.

Today I finished a first pass on wrapping the Sparkle updater framework for macOS applications. I've used Sparkle successfully for years as an external thanks to Monte and I plan on swapping that external out with this extension.

If anyone who is already familiar with using the Extension Builder is feeling brave and wants to play around with it here is the URL:

You would need to download the ZIP file from the Github site and then use the LC 9 Extension Builder to compile the .lcb file into an .lcm file that you can load. Make sure and keep the .lcm file alongside the "code" folder in the repo. That is where the Sparkle.framework file is.

If everything goes smoothly with this macOS version then I will venture into the Windows version of Sparkle and see if I can get that working. Ultimately I will be including this in an app_updater helper for Levure.
Trevor DeVore
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