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Widgets Store, plugin tool, IDE..

Posted: Sun May 03, 2015 6:59 pm
by digitalsankhara

Are there any plans to be able to offer widgets/libraries through a LiveCode store/Marketplace?

In terms of the builder tool launched from the IDE in LC8 DP2, is there anyway to stop what looks like debugging info being written to the log window? Even if I move the mouse across the IDE there are messages written into this window such that my own debug messages are lost during widget testing.

Talking of IDEs, on my Mac the whole of the LC UI disappears if I click away to my text editor. This means that it's hard to visually relate error messages in the builder log back to source code. I can't find anything in Preferences to stop this, nor can I see anything obvious elsewhere.

Thank you in advance for any tips - be much appreciated.