LC8 Tool Palette

LiveCode Builder is a language for extending LiveCode's capabilities, creating new object types as Widgets, and libraries that access lower-level APIs in OSes, applications, and DLLs.

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LC8 Tool Palette

Post by jiml » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:58 pm

Builder will allow RunRev and the community to potentially create hundreds or even thousands of Widgets.
The current LC8 Tool Palette won't be able to handle that many Widgets.
I suspect the RunRev team has already started to think about this, but I'll toss out some ideas here.

We'll need some way to manage the Widgets that appear in the Tool Palette.
If you've got 100 widgets it would be unwieldy to show all of them simultaneously in the Palette.
I can imagine that developers wanting to group Widgets, so they can swap different sets of Widgets depending on current need. For example, Project A may need one set of Widgets, while Project B may need another.

The ability to position individual Widgets within the Palette, meaning drag to re-arrange.
Drag from Widgets Tab in the Extension Manager to the Tool Palette to install.
The Widgets Tab in the EM will probably need a sort. Or perhaps the order in the Widgets Tab will be the order in the Widgets Section of the Tool Palette.
Maybe all the Widget Management should actually occur within the Widgets Tab of the EM, with the results appearing in the Tool Palette.
Fo example, make groups of widgets in the EM; select a group of Widgets there; bingo! the Widgets in the Tool Palette change to reflect the currently selected group of Widgets.

As the number of widgets increase the ability to search, sort and filter available widgets and installed widgets becomes more important.

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