EDITED: Playing youTube/Vimeo clip on a Browser Widget (iOS x Android)

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EDITED: Playing youTube/Vimeo clip on a Browser Widget (iOS x Android)

Post by simon.schvartzman » Tue Mar 17, 2020 10:09 pm

Hi guys, please help me to identify what am I doing wrong (the dictionary didn't help).

I have a single Card with a Browser Widget to which I set the URL property pointing to a youTube clip (have tried with more than one)

And these are the results I'm getting:
Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 18.03.13.png
I would expect:

1 - Audio to play on iOS as it does on Android
2 - No black screen on Android
3 - Both platforms to behave the same when I tap the Browser (on Android it maximizes the screen while in iOS I have to tap on the little square icon to have the screen maximised)

Note: Vimeo behaves exactly the same as YouTube on iOS, on Android there is also a black screen when the clip is played inside the LC card.

So, what is/are my mistake(s)?

Many, many thanks

Note1: found what was wrong for iOS the "Microphone" has to be set as "Required" on the "Standalone Application Settings..."
Note2: With Panos' magic Android is OK now. It was about setting the "Hardware Accelerated" option on the "Standalone Application Settings..."
To ";" or not to ";" that is the question

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