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Browser Widget does not comply as other objects do

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:53 pm
by mrcoollion
I am having some problems with controlling the browser widget as I would with other controls.

What does not work:
1) layering of the widget.
I tried to push it to the front with

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set the layer of  widget "WidgetName_A" to "top"
and the widget does not comply.
On the same card there is another browser Widget and that one stauy's on top whatever I do.

2) Lock Screen has no effect
I wanted to update the browser widget without the flickering it does when it lodes the URL again. I tried to do this with lock screen but no luck.

3) Setting the horizontal and vertical scrollbar to false even if the page is larger than the browser widget with the code below does not work. The Widget will show scrollbars as soon as the page is larger than the widget object.

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    set the hScrollbar of widget "WidgetName_A" to false
    set the vScrollbar of widget "WidgetName_A" to false
Any idea's ? Do I need to file those as bugs... ?