[ANN] lcStackBrowser Version 2.1.6 Released

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[ANN] lcStackBrowser Version 2.1.6 Released

Post by phaworth » Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:59 am

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 2.1.6 of lcStackBrowser, a replacement for the Livecode IDE Application and Project Browser.

This release is free to existing users. A 30 day, fully featured trial version is available at http://www.lcsql.com/lcstackbrowser.html

This release includes the enhancements detailed below. The complete release notes are available at http://www.fwd-to.com?0mt

The simple controls palette contains only one of each type of Livecode object, thus taking up less screen space. When you drag/drop or double click a control in this palette, you'll be prompted for its style.

This palette is provided in addition to full controls palette already available in lcStackBrowser.

lcStackBrowser will attempt to identify the type of data contained in custom properties with binary content and display them with the appropriate native application as defined on the users system.

Currently, PDF, MSOffice, Disk Image, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, MP3, MP4, WAV, AIF, and MIDI content is recognized and you will be prompted for the application to use for other binary data types.

A new toolstrip is available containing buttons for the commonly used functions in the IDE Toolbar which are not implemented elsewhere in lcStackBrowser

These include toggling the selectGroupedControls setting, grouping controls/ungrouping groups, displaying the dictionary, and displaying the message box.

The toolstrip occupies the same screen location as the current search controls and a button is provided to switch between it and the search controls.

With this new feature, you may wish to remove the IDE Toolbar to free up screen space by deselecting Toolbar Text and Toolbar Icons in the IDE View menu.

The Plugins Manager provides a way for you to organize your plugins into logical groups using a new "Plugins" tab in the Preferences dialog.

The toolstrip includes a Plugins popup with the following options:

Your most frequently used plugins.

Your plugin groups with subitems for each plugin in a group.

An "Others" group with subitems for plugins not included in any user specified plugin groups.

An option to refresh the plugins list, removing the need to quit/restart Livecode when a new plugin is installed.

Options to configure when a plugin is loaded and its stack style.

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