RevBrowser and Javascript Video player

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RevBrowser and Javascript Video player

Post by PaoloMazza » Sat May 24, 2014 10:40 am

Dear Livecoders,
yesterday I tried to understand better the new revbrowser of LC 6.7 , Thank you all for your comments,

I thought that if we had a reliable revbrowser and a reliable integration between LC and Javascrpt we could use HTML5 to accomplish some of the missing features of LiveCode.
For example video player. I have been asking for years for a new multi platform video player but we still have the old QuickTime video Player for Mac and Windows . And we badly need it.

I read that LC 6.7 introduced a new revbrowser command (revbrowserCef) which is supposed to be more reliable and stable compared to the old one. So, using the VideoJS source code (see ) I tried to implement a simple Javascript player for LC. (see the stack attached)

Unfortunately it seems to me that the new revbrowserCef command is not working properly. Beside the fact that revbrowserCef is very slow to upload and that is hard to manage such a huge library , for some reasons the new revbrowserCef command does not work with my HTMLText based on VideoJS source code (on the contrary the same HtmlText works with the old rev browser).

I tested my stack with LC 6.7 DP4 and MACOSX 10.9

I attached the stack. Can you have a look at it?
Can you find the reason why the revbrowserCef command is not working while the revbrowser command works uploading the same HtmlText?
What do you think about this solution to implement a simple multi platform videoplayer?

All the best.
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Paolo Mazza

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Re: RevBrowser and Javascript Video player

Post by capellan » Sat May 24, 2014 8:42 pm

Hi Paolo,

This stack works fine on LC 6.7 dp4:

Go = Play

Pause = Pause

Messagio = Javascript Message (ciao)
I have to use the keyboard to dismiss
this message, because the mouse
pointer does not work inside the
dialog... :?

Go To = (How does this works? After the whole video is loaded?)

Have a nice weekend!


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