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in-app purchase.

Post by Jellobus » Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:53 pm

Hi all :D ,

I need your suggestions to realize my dream project. I have a burning desire for this happen... I will learn anything to make it come true. It will be very appreciated if you leave me your suggestions that I can follow.

I have developed few iOS and android apps so far but I am not a professional programmer. LC is only programming language I know.

I am still learning LC but I can’t find a way to build an auto-renewal subscription based iOS app. Can LC 9 be the answer? It seems that LC 9 supports APIs of JAVA, Object-C.

I found in fact, implementing an auto-renewable subscription item is a lot easier than implementing a non-renewable subscription item. (correct me if I'm wrong..)

If you think it’s possible with some creative methods, (e.g. custom plug-ins) would you suggest me some tips? I will learn all the details by myself if I know what to do.

Currently livecode is only a programming language I know, but I will learn ANYTHING, ANY LANGUAGES to realize my dream project.

Any advices are appreciated. Thanks a million in advance!



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