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Datagrid change the fixed row height

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:58 pm
by JosepM
I'm experimenting something strange and I'm blocked. The datagrid change the fixed row height to 20 the first time.
I add rows to a datagrid and the text of the rows appear at the fixed row height of 20. If I delete or empty the datagrid then the news rows are show correct to 44. Attach screen capture to see the effect.

The code to add is:
dispatch "addLine" to group "dg_pedido" of this stack with tLinea
send "DGHiOS_DefineScroller" to group "dg_pedido" of card "pedidos" -- This line resizes the scroller to fit it to the datagrid size

The reset code is:
set the dgdata of control "dg_pedido" of card "pedidos" to empty
dispatch "RefreshList" to group "dg_pedido" of card "pedidos"

Any idea?