Make Docset updated-guide images restored

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Make Docset updated-guide images restored

Post by jameshale » Tue Jan 17, 2023 1:32 am

It's a funny world. Sometimes synchronous things just happen. For some reason I needed to check one of the "guide" docs from LC.
So I opened Dash on my Mac to do so. The guides and text was all there but seemed rather dense. scrolling through the guide of interest I noticed there were no images. I then looked at a few others and sure enough no images. going to the docset package for LC I checked and sure enough the folder meant to hold the guide images was empty (thankfully the widget guide docs were unaffected by this.)
I then went into the LC package itself to see if the images were there - yes they were.
OK then my Make docset stack must be broken.
Opening up Make Docset and checking the command that extracts the guide files and converts them to HTML I located the image copying routine. Looking at the path to the image folder I could see it no longer corresponded to the present path with the LC package.
The image folder had been moved since I first make the Make Docset stack.
I do not know when this change occurred (i.e. which version of LC) but it is present from 9.8.6 on.
Anyway I have now updated the Make Docset stack on revshare.
If you use this stack please update your copy. Current revision 40, Last Updated: 2023-01-16
I have also submitted a docset for the current LC10 dp4 release to the Kapelli repository with the image fixes. Iy might take a day or two for this to be accepted. It will be marked V2.1.0.

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Re: Make Docset updated-guide images restored

Post by stam » Tue Jan 17, 2023 2:52 am

Thanks for maintaining this James - very much appreciated.

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