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Welcome to the rIDE forum!

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:05 am
by wilstrand
Dear LiveCoders

rIDE is a free, open-source alternative IDE for LiveCode. It’s aimed at increased productivity through a
feature rich, yet intuitive, user interface and workflow. rIDE has a small screen footprint where most of
the windows used during development are integrated into one single window. Its core features and
functions are independent from the LiveCode IDE and make use of the latest LiveCode engine features
introduced in version 6.0 and later. The rIDE framework is built to be high performance and to handle
all aspects of LiveCode. It is also designed to allow a plug-in architecture for new IDE components and

Download and read more here:

You can submit feature requests and bug reports here:
Please be aware that rIDE is free and too extensive for me alone to provide regular support at this
stage. As my time allows I'll do my best though. And I know this is a great community.

Join in!
I started developing rIDE as a private playground for how an alternative IDE for LiveCode could look and
to see if rIDE could increase my productivity as a LiveCoder. Over time it developed into something I
was using daily in my programming and I decided to share it with the community. The open source
experience with other developers contributing their ideas, bug reports and solutions has been extremely
rewarding and I have learned a lot. I’m dedicated to continuing to develop rIDE and my hope is that it
will be one small part of a larger community effort in creating a modern, flexible and high productivity
IDE for our beloved LiveCode. rIDE is a large project and even though it has come a long way already, it
is far from a finished solution. And maybe an IDE should never really be finished!

If you feel this is something you would like to maybe get involved in, just drop me a line at:

With my very best regards to all of you!

Mats Wilstrand

Re: Welcome to the rIDE forum!

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:40 pm
by benjibeaumont
Hi Mats, future rIDE contributors.

Thank you for your introductory post and for working to produce what is a very promising IDE project. I’ve been following the project for some time and the most recent releases are impressive. If you haven’t tried it, please follow the download instructions above and send in your feedback, I know Mats would welcome it. At RunRev we’re thrilled to support open source initiatives like this and we’ll be contributing to this project. Mats and I have been in dialog and our team will be available to help advise and make engine changes to support the rIDE roadmap. We’ll also be meeting with those involved in the rIDE project to share/discuss wider IDE plans to ensure that those working on the project know where our efforts will be focused. If you are a LiveCode developer and keen to get involved in a open-source project, rIDE is a great option.

Warm regards,


Re: Welcome to the rIDE forum!

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:52 am
by jeffe
Hi Mats,

There seems to be a lot of bugs using Livecode 6.6.2 and upwards.
Will there be a rIDE to work with these new releases.


Re: Welcome to the rIDE forum!

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:35 am
by wilstrand
Hi Jeffe!

Yes, rIDE version 4.0 is in the pipe for release. I'm using it on LC 6.6.2 at the moment. Plan is to have it up there before the end of the month.
The LC releases above 6.6.2 are still DPs so it is hard to tell where the bugging is going on.

The code base in rIDE 4.0 has been refactored to make it easier to make changes in the future. The refactoring will continue in the coming releases.
The structure has been cleaned up with all of rIDE's substacks moved out as separate and independent stackfiles. This means you can for example
use the rIDE Inspector separately in the standard IDE if you like. It also means that the rIDE framework is being adopted to be as plugin friendly as possible.
To mention a couple of the new features, version 4 has image previewing where you can preview all images of a Stack, Card or Group by selecting one or more
in the browser tree. A new Network feature lets you view network locations directly in rIDE and for example save your stack to a server by drag and drop.

All the best


Re: Welcome to the rIDE forum!

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:14 pm
by rinzwind
Stalled project? Invalid download id? Seems like an interesting ide. The default livecode ide is somewhat messy and too easy to get lots of windows all over the place. It also lacks intelligent code completion. What's the current status of your project?

Re: Welcome to the rIDE forum!

Posted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:41 am
by jeffe
Hi Rinzwind,

Please be patient, I'm sure the guyz are working on it.
I'm also very sure it will be worth the wait !!!

Sorry, if you are unable to download - I can upload the latest 3.5.0 for you to download.