DGH 2.5.1 Released

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DGH 2.5.1 Released

Post by Zryip TheSlug » Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:34 pm

Dear DGH's Users,

We have updated DGH.

- Formulae Calculation: the installed script is now containing a new handler: DGH_Formulae_RefreshAll. This handler is allowing to refresh the calculation inside the datagrid. Call this function after having populated an empty datagrid to have all the calculations done automatically.

- Custom header: Only the special header controls can be added inside the header template. This means the classical control, widgets or custom controls are now disabled to avoid potential problems in building a custom header from scratch.
- Custom header: The script installed with a custom header has changed to remove a line decreasing performances with datagrid containing more than 16 columns
- The new functionalty allowing to add several columns at a time has been rethought to increase perfomances when more than 20 columns are added at a time.
- The way the columns are hidden (option "always hide invisible columns" checked or not) has been rethought to increase performances when a lot of columns are displayed inside the column builder's preview.
- Preferences: the unicode labels has been removed from the preferences and is considered to turn to off by default, due to unicode is now native inside LC since several versions. This option could be the cause of some label issues when turned to on and was only existing for compatibility with old LC versions. It is now in no interest with LC 8.x and 9.x

Fixed bugs:
- DGH was very slow loading datagrids table containing more than 16 columns.
- "Spreadsheet" behavior: when navigating through the cells and inputing new values, then leaving the cell, the values were not stored inside the datagrid.

To download this new version, go inside the DGH's preferences menu, then open the "Update" topic and click onto the "Check for Updates" button. To be automatically notified on any new available version, you can check the "Check for updates at startup" option.

Best Regards,
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