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HyperCard on Raspberry Pi

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:46 am
by [-hh]
25 years of hardware and software in one window.
[Hypercard 2] @ [MacPlus/MacOS 6.0.5] @ [RaspberryPi B/Raspbian Wheezy].
Screenshot of a Qemu-emulated Raspi (Raspbian) on MacOS 10.9.5
What a wonderful, non-crashing and crazy fast combination.
The System has 516K (and uses 176K), HC has 700K.
Emulator of the MacPlus is 'Mini vMac' that runs also perfectly on other platforms.
Very interesting now:

= [use Linux ARM for Raspi]
= [MacDraw, has a system(!) included]
=, especially the interviews (!!) and the link to CompileIt (Tom Pittman)

What's next? The first stable release of LC 7, no other milestone in between (!?)