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mergPopActivity question

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:47 am
by Jim Mac
This was originally a post in the iOS deployment section. Moving it here since this is probably a better place. :D
I was being naïve again I guess. I want users to be able to share an image from my app. I had assumed this would be easy using mergPopActivity to display the standard share sheet with the pimage parameter pointed to an externally available image.

So I included mergPopActivity in my latest build and was expecting the share sheet to be automatically populated with options available for handling the image. I was surprised to have an "empty" share sheet (Only the "More.." icons showed and they lead to empty lists). If there was an essential step required to get the sheet populated, I would have expected a bunch of forum questions, etc. about mergPopActivity but... there are none.

It makes sense that I would have to let the system know what I want/need access to, especially since the users should be asked for permission but having no information available, I somehow thought it would just work. I found some online tutorials (not Livecode) that show seting up Privacy info in the pList in xCode but I'm not sure what to do with the info since I'm skipping xCode.

Is there a resource that highlights what pList entries/mods are needed to get the various services into the share sheet and available through mergPopActivity?