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multiple email attachments [android]

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:42 pm
by newtronsols
In the newsletter article ... etter4.php it mentions mutiple email attachments with the code:

put Hello World! into tAttachments[1][data]
put text/plain into tAttachments[1][type]
put Greetings.txt into tAttachments[1][name]
put Goodbye World! into tAttachments[2][data]
put text/plain into tAttachments[2][type]
put Farewell.txt into tAttachments[2][name]
mobileComposeMail tSubject, tTo, tCCs, tBCCs, tBody, tAttachments

I am testing this with image files and it appears to work on android as well! I thought others might find this useful.