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Q&A Requests Wed 9th April 2014

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:16 pm
by LCNeil
Hi All, here are the responses to the two subject that I said I would look into in todays webinar-

MobGui Icons as part of new mobGui

These icons are included as ttf files. You can assign an icon button with these as long as "mobguicons-1" is set within the iCon button font. The icon is then set with the "char" drop down. To include these icons on iOS/Android, the ttf files must be included within the "Copy Files" section of the standalone application settings.

Write image to documents

The following script will allow you to write a given image to the documents directory on both Android and iOS. You will need to change the script to reflect your image control and specific name that you would like to use.

Code: Select all

put image "image" into URL ("binfile:"&specialFolderPath("documents")&"/pic.jpg")

I hope this is of some assistance

Kind Regards,

Neil Roger
RunRev Support Team ~