MobGUI Versions

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MobGUI Versions

Post by elanorb » Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:24 pm

Hi everyone

Due to the various versions of MobGUI that are available and the discrepancy between the version of MobGUI we use in the videos and the most up to date version this post is just to try and clear up some of the questions.

The version of MobGUI that we use in the videos is 0.29, since we recorded the video a new, updated version 1.24 has been released.

Version 0.29
Version 1.24
You have the option of using either version. Using the older version should make the tutorials easier to follow but the new version includes iOS 7 and improved Android support, and is generally updated and improved. In addition the new version can be used with either version of LiveCode, the previous version could only be used with LiveCode Commercial.

Both versions can be downloaded by logging into your account or from the MobGUI site.

To help with some of the differences Neil created a short video which is part of the Lesson 0 materials, it is called New MobGui MIni Tutorial and can be accessed by logging into your account and going to the LiveCoding School section.

I will also be posting a small example of the stack, up to the end of Lesson 2, using the new MobGUI controls, that will be available later today.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards

Elanor Buchanan
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Re: MobGUI Versions

Post by MarkMcGuinness » Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:09 pm

Hi Elanor

It would be helpful having further short video tutorials for MobGui as it is difficult to follow along with the lessons due to the new version being quite different to the old one. I have currently tried to add the icons as shown in Lesson 2 video using the new version of MobGui (and common sense). In order to do this I have referenced the MobGui documentation but have found further differences when looking at the current documentation. For example the documentation for the icon buttons has and shows additional functionality (such as text alignment) where as the working plugin does not have this feature. As you can imagine, it does make it difficult to work out how to make correct use of the plugin when there are several conflicting references.

I am very much enjoying LiveCode and what it offers but spending a lot of time trying to work out how to do things due to the differences in the lesson videos, support docs and actual inteface / plugin.

Hopefully this can be addressed


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