Several (Minor?) Questions

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Several (Minor?) Questions

Post by Doron » Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:03 pm

I finally am getting some mileage on LC and I have a list of quesions that came up. Sorry for posting them so late before the Webinar...

1. On windows, once the LC windows are not visible, I need to click them back one by one from the task bar. If I remember to click the LC button menu first, it usually revives a few other windows as well, but I need to manually revive the stack window and the code window and the MobGUI window. Is there a way to restore all the development environment windows at once?
2. Font sizes: What shows well in the development environment often gets truncated in the Android simulator. Is there anything to do except for trial and error?
3. I didn't find references to date arithmetics. In particular I need to compute time in months, weeks, days and hours between two dates and also to set notifications to e.g 1/7 of the period remaining.
4. When testing on a simulator, some strange things happen that don't happen in the dev environment:
A. MobGUI icons, although set as options and behave accordingly in dev, don't light up correctly in the simulator but rather always light up the first Icon, unless I'm choosing it, in which case the second icon lights up...
5. When simply going from card to card (without visual effects and screen locking), native mobile text controls from the previous card seem to remain on the screen.
6. When in the development environment, is there a way to re-run the app from its start (e.g. from the preOpenStack)? Right now, I can only continue from the card that happens to be opened or manually go to the initial card.
7. Nudging multiple objects is slow. If I click a few times, it goes into infinite loop continuing to move slowly but persistnetly. I didn't find any way to stop it but aborting LC out of the process manager. Is there a better way?
8. Working in "exact fit" mode, I have a few fields that were aligned in the IDE (using align multiple objects), still one of them is one pixel off in the simulator.

There are some more like this, but I think this should suffice for now.



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Re: Several (Minor?) Questions

Post by Doron » Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:36 pm

An another one for now:

When I'm saving a stand alone app, even though I gave it a build location and asked to build there automatically, LC insists on creating paralell subfolders for each build, naming them with the right name + consecutive numbers. Is there a way to make it overwrite the previous build instead?

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Re: Several (Minor?) Questions

Post by LCNeil » Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:23 pm

Hi Doron,

I think we discussed all of your questions in the webinar. Please find below a brief breakdown of what we discussed-

1) This is an operation specific action. If you wish to view all minimised windows of an application you need to Shift+RightClick on the LiveCode icon on your taskbar and then select "Restore all minimised"

2) Fonts on android, are by default, limited to "Droid Sans, Droid Sans Mono and Droid Serif". If you wish to use other/custom fonts then you will need to include them with your application and link to them appropriately. The following lesson should help with this ... nts-on-ios (although it mentions iOS it should apply to Android as well)

3) It is possible to use the convert command to changes a date, a time, or a date and time to a specified format. You would have to implement the function of working out the time between two specific dates/time. There is a public library available here that should be able to help you with this task-

4) I would recommend the mobGui forum for any questions on the new version of mobGui -

5) mobileControlDelete is required before you move from a card that had native mobile controls contained within. I have tried this with the new mobGui and the controls do seem to automatically delete. If possible could you send a sample stack and we will happily investigate this issue

6)Having a reset card handler (e.g. on resetMe) execute would be the best way to reset your stack to default. In this handler you would reset the values of field/variable etc.

7) Does seem like a bug as experienced in the webinar. Please file a report at and our QC team will investigate the issue further.

8 )Again this could be a bug, if you have a sample stack that shows this issue we may be able to advise further

9) LiveCode saves applications with an incremental number and there is no way to change this. A reason for this behaviour is to reduce the risk of overwriting anything that you may want to keep (e.g. a working standalone)

Kind Regards,

Neil Roger
RunRev Support Team ~

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