Webinar Content 11/12/13

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Webinar Content 11/12/13

Post by LCNeil » Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:33 pm

Hi Everyone,

We’ll ,even after the update to the latest gotometting product, the 10.9 Maverick issue raised its head towards the end of the session which resulted in corrupting the webinar video. Apologies for this.

Please find below most if not all the subjects that we covered in the webinar. Having them typed up with the example scripts will hopefully be as beneficial as the webinar.

Question 1

How to add a bottom border to a datagrid form?

This is possible by editing the “row template” of your datagrid group. First start by opening the row template of your group via the dataGrids property inspector. This will open the template stack for the group. Next you will want to select the “row template” group on this stack and press “edit group” from the toolbar.

The next step is to create a line graphic across the bottom of this group, press “edit group” again to stop editing the group and then close/save row template stack.

Now, when you add data to/ refresh the datagrid it will insert a line under each entry
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Question 2

LiveCode server to create webpages.

LiveCode server is a server side scripting language that can be used in conjunction with HTML to create feature rich webpages. Although you cannot create webapages in the same way you create stacks within the IDE, you can use the english like LiveCode syntax to add functionality to your pages. The user guide for LiveCode server and a run down of the new LiveCode server graphic support is available at the following links-

http://newsletters.livecode.com/novembe ... etter1.php

Question 3

Auto scrollbar on a datagrid not staying persistant.

Although I was not able to replicate this issue on a new stack, I was able to do this on the stack Tom provided. A method to resolve the issue is to set the auto scrollbar property of the datagrid when the card that contains them is opened.

The following script allows you to do this-

on the openCard handler

set the dgProp["show vscrollbar"] of group “your datagrid group” to "auto"

Question 4

MobGui player and native player.

The player that mobGui creates links to the native mobile player the LiveCode creates. The only difference is that no script are required to create the initial player using mobGui. This does have its advantages, but creating a player fully by script is far more flexible in the long run.

The following lesson explain how to create a native player by script and was the example I used in todays webinar. It is also possible to use remote videos (e.g. from a server) as the source of the video player. as long as you know the URL to it.

http://lessons.runrev.com/s/lessons/m/4 ... -on-mobile
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Question 5

The below stack shows how to use image placeholders on a stack in order to import multiple graphics into a stack from a mobile device.

I am using a repeat loop to add images to the placeholders. The repeat loop will always place the imported image into the first available placeholder.

After an image has been imported, mobGui switches have their value set via the switchSet command.

To empty the image areas, the mobGui switches execute a “switched” handler which passes a parameter which is read and if it is “off” empties the appropriate image placeholder.
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Question 6

Status update of LiveCode projects (e.g. Theming, controls)

More information on all projects that the team is working on can be found on our roadmap here-


Question 7

Notification badge value set for iOS icon.

This can be set via the iphoneSetNotificationBadgeValue command.

If you want the icon to show 100 then the full command would be-

iphoneSetNotificationBadgeValue "100"

If you have any further question, then please do not hesitate to ask these in this forum.

Kind Regards

Neil Roger
RunRev Support Team ~ http://www.runrev.com
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