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Re: Make Hyperlinks active

Post by jameshale » Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:24 am

ok So i filled a DG with the following:

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 put "LC" into dga[1]["label"]
   put " is where the action is" into dga[1]["tlink"]
   put "Apple" into dga[2]["label"]
   put " it just works" into dga[2]["tlink"]
   put "google" into dga[3]["label"]
   put " where its at" into dga[3]["tlink"]
   put "MU" into dga[4]["label"]
   put " they wish" into dga[4]["tlink"]
   put "MR" into dga[5]["label"]
   put " or chinese whispers" into dga[5]["tlink"]
   put "git" into dga[6]["label"]
   put " the centre" into dga[6]["tlink"]
   put "pcre" into dga[7]["label"]
   put " [!@#$%^]?" into dga[7]["tlink"]
the DG was a form type with two fields "label" and "tlink" sitting next to one another.

The on FillInData had the following:

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  set the text of field "Label" of me to pDataArray["label"]
   set the text of field "tlink" of me to pDataArray["tlink"]
   set the linktext of word 1 of line 1 of field "tlink" of me to word 1 of pDataArray["tlink"]
and an "On mousedown" handler had ...

Code: Select all

 put the linktext of line 1 of field "tlink" of me into plink
   launch URL plink
   pass mousedown
1. The linked text doesn't actually show itself as being a link - perhaps there is a style setting I am missing?
2. Clicking on the ROW opens my browser at the clicked address.

Apart from the lack of a visible underline of the link, is this the behaviour you are seeking?

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Re: Make Hyperlinks active

Post by bbhank » Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:28 am

I have the underline.
This is what I want it to do.

Thank you.

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