How to apply Row and Column Templates to Datgagrid

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Re: How to apply Row and Column Templates to Datgagrid

Post by jameshale » Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:42 am

I have been following this discussion and I think I see where you were having it go wrong.
Datagrid forms only display a row if it actually has some data in it to show.
No data, nothing to display, so it doesn't draw the row.
This is why in your screen shot you see one row (form) with your fields etc and then blue and white lines below.
The blue and white lines are empty rows (forms), which display their emptiness by not drawing anything.

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Re: How to apply Row and Column Templates to Datgagrid

Post by bbhank » Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:28 pm

Sounds reasonable.

That needs to be made clear in the documentation to and for, beginners like me or folks even more unfamiliar with Livecode, so we don't get the big run around like I did here, trying to get the one good answer you gave here in a few sentences.

In addition, the fact that it wont show without something in a field needs to be amended so that you still see all fields. It took a lot of posting and wasted time because the field that caused all the problems is hidden in the top left corner of the row template, and what little instruction available didn't mention EXACTLY how it works at all!

That's why I requested in the features wanted forum total drag and drop for datagrids with the row template tucked away where it's only used to customize what you see. When you drag an object into the grid, it's there for use, period! That would decomplicate starting a dadagrid by a huge step, especially for beginners, and probably for experts also.

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