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Custom Fonts on Android

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:00 pm
by William Jamieson
Hello. I have a very simple stack. Its a button and a field where I am trying to load a font onto my Android device using this tutorial here ... nts-on-ios

Here is my code

Code: Select all

on mouseUp
   put the fontnames into pList
   if the environment is "mobile" then
      mobilePick pList
      put the result into tLine
      put line tLine of pList into tFont
      answer tFont
      put "Wingdings" into tFont
   end if
   set the textfont of fld "Field" of this card to tFont
end mouseUp
The result is that on Desktop, it works fine. The field switches to wingdings. On Android, the system shows all the fonts, I click wingdings from the list, and then it answers wingdings, and then nothing.

Did I miss something? (The file I used specifically said it was for android and it did appear in the fontnames)

attaching files below

Thanks for your help!