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Datagrid table formatting question

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 6:03 am
by WaltBrown
I have a basic table datagrid as an index, or table of contents into a stack (snapshot below). Each line represents one ISO 639 language code (ie "be" represents Belarusian, for example). Some of the lines have corresponding cards in the stack. If a card exists I want the textStyle of the corresponding row in the datagrid to be bold. For example, the card for English is named "language_en", so it's entry in the datagrid should be bold, but I don't have a Belarusian card yet, so that row should be plain text.

I have searched here and the various manuals and can't find the answer. I have seen some related discussions here that seem to have to address each individual cell as a field, but that seems overly complex to set just a single row. Is there a way to easily set the textStyle of a table row in a datagrid, or do I have to drill into the datagrid and individually address each cell?

Thanks, Walt