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Head start appreciated

Post by doobox » Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:03 pm

Hi there,

I have a concept for a small OSX app we need to work with a screenshot.
One of the first things the app need to do is grab a shot of another applications window with effects, i.e. the window drop shadow.

Im not really sure how to go about this step.

import snapshot from rect myRect of window 91373124
But how will i get to the point of knowing the window id of the window the user clicks..?

I guess a could make the workflow something like this:
A button in the app is clicked.
The app window goes to the back.
The user clicks any visible window.
[missing how to have the id of the clicked window]
My app resumes and comes to the front.
I can take it from there if i have the id of the window that was clicked, i think with :

put [the mystery clicked window id] into tWindowId
import snapshot from rect myRect of window tWindowId

Hope someone can give me some pointers about getting rolling with this one, cheers.
Kind Regards


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