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Further reading

Post by anmldr » Tue May 19, 2020 2:46 am

Often at the end of a lesson, there is a card that tells the student where we can find more information. It comes in the form of:
"Further Reading
LiveCode User Guide, Sections 5.5–5.6"

However, the LC User Guide that I am using, does not have numbered sections that I can tell. It is "LiveCode 9.5.1 User Guide".

So, each of these cards that contain references to sections in the LC User Guide need to be updated.


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Re: Further reading

Post by bogs » Tue May 19, 2020 7:55 am

Hello Linda,

The user guide changed format during the last IDE overhaul, between version 7.1.4 and version 8.0.1.

Previously, the user guide resembled the format that LCU is suggestion. For instance, "section 5.5" brings you to variables -
We have to keep this contained....
- and 5.6 was more information about containers in addition to variables -
Whats in a name?
So, you are correct, LCU should update their materials, however, they may be waiting to do that because the new version of the IDE is still somewhat in a state of flux. The new User Guide, even in .pdf form, appears to be improving a LOT compared to the original format, though I certainly see how it can be confusing.

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