Send and Receive MIDI !!

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Re: Send and Receive MIDI !!

Post by MouseUp » Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:24 pm

If sunnYMidiPro can handle Midi In and Out, then this is VERY VERY exciting!!

I would suggest that you don't really have to worry too much about extra features. You don't need to create special functions for each type of Midi data. Don't worry about that. You can make your Midi external very generic. Just allow us to receive and send ALL types of Midi data and then we can handle the different types in our own handlers in LiveCode. Just get Midi In and Midi Out working for ALL types of Midi data (Midi notes, continuous controllers, sysex, Midi clock-if possible, etc...) and handle the Midi In and Midi Out port selection and the rest can be handled in LiveCode. It is very important that all Midi data types can be received in your external.

In the current version of your external, you have special functions for controllers, notes, and sysex. There is no need for that. Midi data is Midi data, and the programmer just needs to be able to send any type of Midi data from a single function. This is simpler and more elegant- and easier for you overall.

(You may need to have a separate handler for Midi clock.)

I hope also that you will allow spaces in the data being sent. Right now in your external, the programmer needs to delete all spaces in the data block before sending. Please add in a provision inside your external to delete spaces in the data before sending. That should be handled invisibly to the programmer.

This is very good news. Can you please give us more information.


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