Inspecting a Stack

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Inspecting a Stack

Post by RossG » Thu Nov 26, 2015 5:58 pm

When I want to increment the version number of a stack
I open the Inspector.

A minor annoyance which catches me is that when
I put the cursor into the "Name" field it stays at
the last character whereas when I "Tab" into the
"Title" field it moves to the first character.

As a result if I'm not careful the "Name" field
shows "MyProgramme v.1.0.12" and the Title
field shows "2MyProgramme v1.0.11".
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Re: Inspecting a Stack

Post by dunbarx » Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:31 pm

I know.

Terribly dangerous. The problem only shows up when you change the "name" field text, and then tab into the "Label" field. In other words, if you "closeField" out of the "name" field, the full text in the label field is selected. But if you "exitField" out, the cursor is placed before the Label text.

I always set the label before the name. Just got used to doing this. This is just a stack, that inspector, but its tab actions are different than in an ordinary stack.

This has come up before in long gone threads. Unwanted stack name or label changes. I would complain in the QCC.

Craig Newman

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