Partnership License?

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Partnership License?

Post by tjo7777 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:12 pm

Ok, so not exactly a feature request, but possibly and interesting idea.

The cost of commercial LiveCode licenses is still a bit high for some developers. This got me thinking, what about a Commercial Partnership license program?

In a nutshell commercial developers would receive access to the commercial version of LiveCode and in exchange they would agree to give a percentage of any revenue earned thru their apps back to LiveCode. I realize it may be difficult to track ad revenue, but earnings that come directly from PlayStore/AppStore purchases can likely be tracked to some degree. Developers might have other restrictions placed upon them. One reasonable requirement might be for Commercial Partners to release at least one paid app per year to remain in the program.

I see several advantages. First, it would remove a barrier to those who want to develop commercial apps using LiveCode. Those who are successful will earn money for LiveCode. If this gets a lot more people developing and releasing commercial apps using LiveCode there will be some success stories. Another requirement might be that LiveCode would be allowed to tell the world that these apps were created with LiveCode. It would make terrific marketing material if LiveCode could showcase some of their Commercial Partners who are making real money with their apps.

LiveCode would have a strong incentive to support and assist their Commercial Partners in successfully developing their projects and getting them to market knowing that every successful app earns the company money and adds to the prestige of the LiveCode platform.

Just an idea.


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